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company profile
company type: Privately Held
rating: B
owner: Margaret N. Abney (30%), employee coop (19%), unnamed investors (51%)
headquarters: Ft. Lewis (Seattle), UCAS
address: 548 shipping lane (Ft Lewis shipping/warehouse district)


    This is a medium sized company that spans the parts of the globe, dealing with making commercial shipments in sizes less than a cargo trailer. MicroSHIP works with smaller companies to be able to ship their merchandise in secure manor in a reasonably costed manor.

>The way they split up the cargo from different customers makes it hard for one customer to get to another customer's merchandise. Believe me I know.
>one eyed jack

    Each customer gets secure containers to put their merchandise in. These containers range in size from extra small (large footlocker size) to extra extra large (half of a semi-trailer sized container. And many sizes in between. When the truck comes to pick up the containers, they are placed inside a truck and that truck might have other peoples merchandise in it. Depending on the size of the containers being picked up and the quantity of them, the trucks range in size from bulldog step-van to semi-truck/trailer.