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company profile
company type: Privately Held
rating: A
owner: C. Ron (40%), Unnamed Private Investors (60%)
headquarters: Tacoma (Seattle), UCAS
address: 7458 fathoms deep way (Tacoma docks district)


    This is a medium sized company that spans the the globe, dealing with marine maintenance (boats, ships, etc), upgrades and related work. They have been known to work on underwater archeologies/stations, oil rigs, etc. At every location they have a nice medium sized office with most of it on/next to the water so they can do their repairs there. They only located in cities that are on the water (large bodies of water), like Seattle, Miami, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc. The the larger marine craft (like ships) that can not come to them, they have deployment teams that can come to you.

>There are rumors that these "deployment teams" are a little more than just remote maintenance teams. I have heard rumors that they shanghai ships at sea.
>one eyed jack

>They are not like that at all. Before spouting off like that, get your facts straight. They don't do anything illegal.
>jack black

    They will do any upgrade that you want that is reasonable, feasible and not illegal. But the laws get a little gray past the “twelve mile limit” as long as there is enough money on the table.